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The following is the script for a game I designed to tell the story of a soon-to-be-divorced couple:

-Woman: I think we need to talk.

-Men: Alright, but why?

-Woman: I think we need to talk about some problems in our marriage.

-Man: Problems? I don't think we have problems.

-Woman: Just take it as a kind of chat, okay? we haven't chatted for a long time.

-Men: OK, then what do you want to talk about?

-Woman: Do you want to go to the movies together on weekends? We haven't watched movies together for ages.

-Men: I have a meeting with some important clients this Saturday, and I have to make some preparations in the daytime on Sunday for the next report... Maybe I will be available after 8 o'clock on the Sunday evening.

-Woman: The movie seems to be off from the cinema on Saturday.

-Man: Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. I am so busy, you know it.


A. Yeah, as always. (N)

B. Yeah, just, uh, go ahead and do your thing. (P)


A. I just have to work hard for our family, alright?

B. Remember to wash the bowls in the sink

-Man: You should consider quitting your job. Someone has to take care of the family.


A. I like my current job. (P)

B. Why can't you just resign and stay home? (N)


A. You change jobs all the time. That’s who you are. So, I’ll say you’d better just understand the way you are and give up working.

B. You think I should quit my job? So that we can rely on the little cash in your pocket and eat dust bunnies?

-Man: Let's just stop talking about this. I don't want to fight with you.



A. The light in the room doesn’t work. I keep telling you to change it over and over again, and you just forget. (Light bulb)

B. I just want to watch a movie. (P)

C. That’s the problem, you are always accusing me. (N)


A. I am too busy with my work. Why can't you change it since you come home from work so early every day? B. I wish I could have the mood for movies just like you. C. I am not accusing you of anything, I just want to get you back to the right track.

-Man: Anything else?



A. Do you still remember this? (Movie tickets)

B. I feel that we are like strangers now. (N)

C. No, no. Maybe I’m just tired, that’s all. (P)


A. Of course, I do, you lost your ticket and I found it, that’s how we met for the first time.

B. Honey, I think maybe you are a bit too sensitive. We are just like all other married couples. It’s totally fine.

C. Aright then, take a good sleep, and maybe you can do some cleaning tomorrow? We will have some guests.

-Men: Listen, I know it has been difficult for us in recent days, but just calm down and think about what we have, we have a family! A wonderful family! Maybe it’s not perfect, but at least it can give us comfort, right?



A. Comfort? Have you ever thought about what I gave up for you to have the comfort? (Book)

B. Maybe it only gives comfort to you. (P)

C. I'm sorry, I can't deceive myself as you do. I know there are problems in our marriage, but you don't want to admit. (N)


A. I know, you gave up your PhD degree, but we were very happy at that time. We were just married, and you didn't want to be separated from me, did you?

B. You are just a bit upset recently. It will be fine.

C. So, in the end you are still just blaming me for everything!

-Man: I see. You wish you had a different life. You wish we could work out well, but it is what it is. (But this is what happened).


4-Woman: I think we should at least try to understand each other, instead of blaming each other like this.


A. I don't know if you still remember the love letter you wrote to me. I really miss you back in the day. (Love letter)

B. I just want you to spend some time with me. I feel so lonely. (P)

C. How about we both spend some time thinking about our own problems and discussing with each other? (N)


A. I did, really. It was the first love letter I wrote you, and maybe also the last one.

B. Isn't it enough that you know I will always be there for you?

C. I said, I don't think I have any problems, and it just makes no sense for you to spend so much time on something meaningless like this.

-Man: Forget about the past, our life in the present is more important. You know what, I don’t think you should be so obsessed with the past, just let it go.



A. Obsessed? How dare you think that of me! I am telling you how painful I am now, If you don’t understand my pains, at least show some fucking respect! (N)

B. I can still feel my arm aching. If I am obsessed, then you are just a fucking violent maniac! (Medical kit)

C. I try to communicate with you only because I care about our life. I am trying my best, and I hope you can do the same. (P)


A. After all, you only care about your own feelings. Have you ever tried to understand me? I work so hard all for our family! B. I have already apologized, and the doctor said that it was not serious. I don't know when you can just stop keeping bring it up. I promised that it won’t happen again!

C. I don’t feel we are "communicating", it feels more like I was on trial for my guilt.

-Man: You are just like your mother--sensitive, fragile, and can’t control your emotions.



A. Oh you are way out of the line! If I were like my mother, you would be as gloomy and mean as your father! (N)

B. You have completely become another person, a total stranger to me. Where is the boy who used to pick me up in heavy rain? (Umbrella/Raindrops)

C. If I had known our marriage would become as broken as it is, I would have turned around and left immediately the first time I met you. (P)


A. Damn, how dare you compare me with my father! I am much better than him as a husband!

B. Hey, I love you just as much as I always have, but only in a different way.

C. Do you really think marry another guy will make any difference? You can just divorce and find someone different, someone you may think a better husband, but I am sure less than few years you will be sick of him. You say what you want is communication, but you know what? All you want is just fucking complaining!

-Man: You become as chaotic as you used to before we met. Did you remember? I saved you from your messy life.



A. Now I just can’t understand why I chose to marry you. You are manipulating me. (N)

B. Saved me? If you call your fucking cheating a kind of salvation, then of course you did. (The lipstick mark of the champagne glass)

C. Of course, I remember, I am still very grateful, but I married you not because I am grateful, but because I really loved you. (P)


A. You just changed your mind. We both know that you chose your own life. Now you are trying to shirk all the responsibilities on me? It's not fair!

B. We agreed that we won't talk about it anymore, did we? It was just a mistake, and we didn’t sleep together!

C. I just can’t feel your love now. I even have to remind you over and over again to do some house cleaning, something you are supposed to do.

-Man: I'm tired, take it any way you want, I need some rest instead of listening to your complaining anymore.



A. If you can't feel any love, I don't know why we should stay in the marriage. (N)

B. It’s kind of ironic that you didn't even look at the camera in our first Polaroid photo, but you kept saying how much you care about our family and me. (Polaroid)

C. I was tired, too. I don't know why we end up like this. (P)

-Man: A. I think you are making a fuss. I don't understand why we are having a conversation like this, it’s meaningless.

B. Will you just give it a rest with this? It’s just a fucking photo!

C. Then just spend less time thinking about these meaningless things.

-Man: You chose to live like this, you used me to live a new life, and then you regret it. I came from a humble background and achieved all I have now step by step, through hard work. I want to enjoy the successful life I earned, but you just want to get married. I didn't even consider getting married at that time. I gave up so much for you, but you are just complaining about me on everything.



A. You just don’t feel you are selfish, do you? You shameless bastard! (N)

B. You thought you did so much for me, but you never really understood what I need, like I have never asked you to spend all your savings buying me a wedding ring! (Wedding ring)

C. How I wish you could disappear from my life when I wake up in the next morning. (P)


A. You are fucking unbelievable. Why don’t you just look at yourself in the mirror, and you will see a hysterical mad woman! B. A wife who claims to care about her marriage never wears the wedding ring, good for her!

C. Thank you so much. I’m afraid that we can never get rid of each other for the rest of our lives.

-Men: I'm sorry, I'm sorry it was miserable for both of us.


10-Woman: I knew our marriage went wrong a long time ago. We used to talk to each other all the time, but when I told you that I was sad because my lipstick was broken, you just didn’t make any response, I knew something in our marriage has changed. (Lipstick)

-Woman: I have nothing else to say.

-Man: I think we both need some good rest, and then we may talk tomorrow.

-Woman: It's over, you and me, our marriage, all the memories, it’s all over.

-Woman: I decided. I want to divorce.

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