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Here is a prototype of the quest and level flow I crafted for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

​​The program needs to include the following technical realizations:

  • An elevator for the player which level designers can customize and place anywhere

  • A trap that shoots a projectile at the player, always from off-camera

  • A kill volume that kills the player

  • A collectible upgrade that grants the player an additional jump

  • A collectible upgrade that doubles the player's maximum health

  • A "God Mode" where the player cannot be damaged or killed

Elevator Design:

TechChallenge - 虚幻编辑器 2023_3_2 15_18_45.png
Elevator_BP 2023_3_2 12_16_34.png

An elevator triggered by the button

Shooting Trap Design:

TechChallenge - 虚幻编辑器 2023_3_2 12_20_42.png
Shooting Trap.png

A laser-designed trap that automatically tracks its target

A collectible item that grants the player an additional jump & A collectible item that can recover player lost health

TechChallenge - 虚幻编辑器 2023_3_2 15_18_22.png
Shooting Trap.png
Collectible_DoubleHealth_CBP 2023_3_2 12_16_07.png

God mode: the player becomes invincible

ThirdPersonCharacter 2023_3_2 12_06_37.png

Adding checkpoints to a level saves the game progress

TechChallenge - 虚幻编辑器 2023_3_2 15_41_54.png
Savepoint_BP 2023_3_2 15_42_59.png
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